Monday, December 17, 2012

Gothenberg, the city of Volvo?

Gothenberg is formally known as the "City of Volvo" due to its affiliation with the Volvo plant right on the edge of town. If it were up to me, however, I would dub Gothenberg as the "city of ridiculously good people". No seriously, the people in Sweden are a force to be reckoned with. Even walking around in my North Face jacket, khaki jeans and new Nike's (Pretty decent by American standards), I felt like a bum. People go out of their way to dress nice, and I am now convinced that Swedish DNA is the closest thing there is to perfection. End rant.

On the other hand, Gothenberg is a pretty special place. The main roads through town are lined with so many shopping malls, I would dare to say it rivals New York City. Other streets remind me of Barcelona with its wide paths and hundreds of people flocking in every direction. Then there are the more quaint, quiet roads that meander by a canal that has the distinct look of Holland. It is an interesting place to say the least.

The Food! I just can't stop eating.

The town is pretty artsy. Numerous statues, thousands of Christmas lights and extravagant light fixtures all come to mind

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