Monday, December 17, 2012

Goodbye 'Merica, Hello Scandanavia!

Our first day out consisted of traveling forward 6 hours through time. Flying out of Orlando we landed in New Jersey where we were able to take advantage of the private SAS lounge that Volvo so graciously gave us tickets for. The inside of the lounge was what you would expect any high-class, exclusive club to look like. The food was not particularly appetizing, so Mom and I went straight to the wine. 
SAS lounge in Jersey. Free drinks!

The flight across the pond to Copenhagen was interesting in that there were four screaming, tired and restless babies across the aisle. Luckily I had big earbuds to shove in my ears, the rest of my family was not so lucky.  Upon arriving to Copenhagen we hopped aboard a much smaller plane that took us 40 minutes north to Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Arriving in Sweden was bitter sweet. Finally, I was on European soil again! and even better yet, I was in Scandanavia, a part of the world once ruled by vikings and the Nordic Gods. My excitement was off the chart, and I was ready to get the day started. Unfortunately, fate would have it otherwise. Upon leaving baggage claim, we were expecting to find an escort sent from Volvo to shuttle us to our hotel, but no one showed. And so the process of tracking down a shuttle and figuring out the Swedish currency began. 

Not before too long, the four of us stepped out of the airport shuttle into the heart of Gothenburg with eight suitcases and confused faces. With only a general idea of where the hotel was, we set off through town heaving along our luggage. The sight must have been something else, because I felt absolutely ridiculous. 

Finally, we have made it!

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