Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lisebergsteatern's Christmas City

Stolen from my Dad's blog, because I am too lazy to retype.

The hotel only does valet parking which was odd giving the car up so quick for it to disapear to who knows where.  After a few minutes in the room we did a 20 min walk through the city to the Christmas city which is in the cities amusement park.  This park has typical rides and ferris wheel.  Small booths were setup selling Grog, pretzels, fudge and other Scandinavian treats. 

We ended the day at a quirky restaurant that was called the Stagedoor that had a variety of different types of food. (And some awesome beer)- Chance

Food in Sweden is taxed at 25% and drinks at 12% amazing how much that adds to the bill!  Walk back was in a cold misty rain that settled into town. 

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