Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kindness Prevails

I find that I have gratefully been a recipient to the kindness of many strangers throughout the course of my travels. Much to my surprise, it has been my last two days in Russia that I have encountered the most memorable strangers due to their overwhelming kindness. From the man with the oversized and goofy grin who helped me aboard the metro the first time to the hostel overseer to the Russian girls I shared a room with to the native group of students I spent my day with - the sheer kindness and hospitality I have been greeted with is staggering. I am leaving St. Petersburg a much happier and enriched person than the person who entered it. I find myself filled with unforgettable memories made with new friends and the knowledge that my almost romantic adventure only transpired because of the beautiful, kind and generous spirit of total strangers that I was blessed to come across. The lessons I have learned from them will never be forgotten, and I am committed to living out their selfless characteristics in my own life.  

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