Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rothenberg ob de Tauber

I thought places like this only existed in my dreams.

Driving through Germany is incredible. The countryside is absolutely enchanting with its rolling, green hills dotted with small medieval remnant villages. Our view from the autobahn allows us to just make out distinctive features; gothic-aged church spires jutting upwards above smoking chimneys atop thatched roofs, conveying the picturesque image of those small German villages you only see in movies. The peculiar style of German architecture takes me back in time to a different place; it is surreal to be able to see it all up close. Despite the long drive, I have hardly touched my iPod or books that I brought along. With each village passed, I could not shake the feeling of awe inspired wonderment that I was overcome with. These villages and towns are hundreds of years old and have somehow miraculously withstood the test of time. Who knows how old some of these churches are, and what role they have played in history. How many battles have been fought in these hills dating all the way back to the turn of the first century? Were these once home to sword wielding, chainmail bearing knights where peasants lived filthy lives while masons hand built the town and its fortifications? Just to imagine that these are the places where public hangings and be-headings were a common communal event sent shivers down my spine. Even up to the days of World War II where countless bombings and battles have scarred the land and where Hitler himself designed the very road I was driving on to more easily transport his troops completely boggled my mind. My imagination was running absolutely wild with the thoughts of thousands of years worth of events that could have transpired in this endearing countryside. It was nothing short of fascinating. 

And then to enter Rothenberg, it couldn't be real. I'm not sure how to express this town in words, so i'll let the pictures talk for me. All I can say is that on the 19th of December, 2012 - I was no longer in the 21st century. This town allowed me to escape our modern society and go back to the 11th century - if only for a little bit.

Our hotel was an inn in the middle of town. I snuck out at 3:30 am and went and sat by the cathedral in below freezing temperatures, just to marvel at it. 

Tomorrow is Austria!

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